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Once upon a time in fashion history, formalwear was the norm and everyone dresses to look prim and uptight- sorry, upright. A hundred years ago the closest thing to a casual wear you can get is sportswear, knitted golf dresses, tweed blazers and oxford shoes. Back then there wasn't anyway you can hide your social status, you literally wear it on your sleeve. 

Nowadays, casual wear is now a vital part of every wear from worker's garb to Army uniforms, it has sneaked into every industry and has infiltrated every hour of the day, every space from the boardroom to the classrooms and even courtrooms.


The casual style uniformly stresses comfort and practicality-two words that have transformed the way we live. Casual is not the opposite of formal rather it is the opposite of confined. Casual is comfortable, free, it is your ability to choose how you present yourself to the world. fashion standards have moved from collared to comfortable , these days CEOs wear sandals to work and that vast zone between Jamie foxx and the girl who wears pajama bottoms on the plane is the new classy.

At Haus of Sharia we have the perfect casual style that fits you. The clothing market is now flooded with options to mix and match to create a personal style and we can't run out of options for you to choose from. So head over to hausofsharia.com to pick your style, I look forward to seeing your casual, classy styles.

Remember, clothing does not reflect personality, it actually constitutes it.

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  • Woooooow clothing does not reflect personality, it actually constitutes it.

    Thank you to the writer!

    Pepple Sarah

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